Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dear Noah: much is happening....I toss out the word and prayers we need a to rent would be to rent to buy even that has plenty of room to grow and expand and set up a classroom for you and more....and even a business from home eventually...and

VOILA! My cousin may have found just the place. Now this is the time I wish I had money I could just go in an BUY this home for us. It is not even that expensive as houses go. I mean we paid MORE for this condo than this entire house I am looking at in Ohio. Course I guess if I had money I could then just have a log home built for us somewhere which has always been a dream of mine.


It sits on 6 acres not just 2 acres. Has a stream...some woods and natural areas where deer come up to graze by the windows in the kitchen. It faces you have beautiful sunsets to see each day and the warmth from the sun would help heat the place during the winter months. It is 3500 square feet! PERFECT for a growing boy and classroom, arts/craft room, my office, therapy room and hopefully a new home business of some type one day. Has 2 second floors...the first one with 4 bedrooms....the second with a huge open space...the third floor offering even more space. The biggest heating bill was only 212.00....with an average gas and electric bill of less than 100.00. About what we pay here in Colorado for a 936 sq. foot condo!

Horses in a field beside the house...running and grazing. The county fairgrounds not too far across the street...Some shops and restaurants within walking distance if need be.

Appliances are optional..including the riding mower. AND the best news...THEY WILL CONSIDER RENTING TO BUY!!!!!!!!!! which is probably the only way MOMMY can ever afford to buy any house for us to live in one day.

Knowing that your daddy will have to pay at least half of the price of the rent for this new place every month via child support makes living there even more doable and enticing. Knowing I could eventually double my income by typing more lines every day to make paying bills even easier is also encouraging. I mean I DO have the ability to do that...time permitting of course. If I could make what I did before at the hospital......which I eventually is no problem to pay the rent there at the new place and my other bills as I would actually be paying LESS than I was here in Colorado anyway...on the same income.

SO many things to consider. BUT when my cousin told me all the details I just got a feeling....when I saw the picture of the home a week ago I could see us living there....having Christmas there....baking cookies in the winter time looking out our windows and seeing the snow falling...and deer grazing. I CAN SEE all this and part of me senses IT WILL ALL COME TO PASS...The house reminds me almost of the house from "Little Women"....and I guess it gives me a similar feel.

SO I am tossing out word again for the way to this house and renting/buying it be paved wide open for us. If I had some extra money I would even consider paying like the first year's rent up front....just to secure the deal even more. Not sure if it matters as this lady renting it sounds like she would be willing to do about anything. AND I come to find out this is the same house across the street from where my dad used to live as a little boy and he used to MOW the grass at this place.

I think we could both really flourish there. I can see us working hard but that it would be great for the both of us. I can see so many positive things...and knowing I do not have to drive to some place to work but can work from home is sooo encouraging...

So the word is out.....we need this house.....we need a way made for us to be able to live there and buy the place and fix it up the way we want to.....etc. IF I could just go in and buy it outright I many things we would do.

I will post a picture of the house next


Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

The house looks beautiful and it all sounds wonderful! Good luck to you and Noah. We'll be crossing our fingers for you.


KCsMom said...

Hi Noah and Mom,
So happy to hear from you and the house looks fabulous! Good luck and many prayers to you and Noah!

K.C.'s Mommy