Sunday, March 01, 2015

Dear Noah....your big school project for the year....building your own gaming PC

Well...this year you were planning on me buying you a gaming PC or at least going in half for one. The problem was hard to find one that you wanted for the price we wanted to spend. We talked about building on a few times....and checked parts...videos online about it..did a lot of research..and finally decided to just DO IT. We ordered all the parts...everything came...and we spent a Sunday putting everything together and hooking it up. Monday we spent tweaking things and adding software and updates...and finally were ready to test it out. You were sooooo excited and it was actually pretty fun building this computer with you and it was MUCH cheaper than buying one already built. You were able to personalize it to suit you too. Enjoy it! I say you get an A for this project!

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