Sunday, February 01, 2015

Dear Noah.....hum.......

You are growing up.....and you have made a few good friends online now that you talk with every day and play videogames with....and lo and I find out is a girl...and you two like each other.......a LOT! Not sure if I am ready for all that yet but I guess it does not really matter because that stage of life for you has already come to fruition!

I am filled with wonder when I think about your future...and what might come to pass and where you might end up or who you might be with one day or date or marry and what you will do for a career.....and how it will all come to pass.  You have come so far in your are like a totally different person now. I guess we all do that as we grow up and get older.

AND being your mother...I hope and pray the very best for you and that hopefully  you can avoid having your heart get broken at any point in your life.

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