Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dear still have to have some things a specific way.......always

It is matter what gets placed on your bed......even if I stack everything in one have to line everything up.....and put specific things in specific areas. That mini Frisbee has been on your bed like a year or two? I move it...even suggest putting it on a shelf. You want it on the I put it on the bed...but you MOVE it to the EXACT location shown above.

I can stack the books and papers and folders in 1 take each one and lay them out in a single-file lineup.  Your Doctor Who scarf is always up by your pillow. I never actually paid attention to the specific locations until the other I snapped this photo......and when we have changed your bedding the last few times..I watch where you put things on the bed...especially changing things if I put it all in 1 stack. It ends up like this. 

I asked you why you did it...and I am not sure you really gave me an answer.  I just asked you again...and you said you really don't know. I do know it is a pretty common trait with anyone with autism.....and you have lined things up since you were little. you can see..Opie always finds a place to lay on your bed.

I love you Noah Wesley. I know you don't feel really well right now with some cold or have a very runny nose, have been sneezing and coughing....I hope and pray you feel better soon!


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