Friday, October 08, 2010

Dear designed a Sonic Chatroom movie

it is actually a pretty cool storyline and you came up with the words and ideas all on your own. I think you had seen some similar things on You Tube and decided to make your own. I am pretty impressed with all the work you did and the text you added and pics you added all on your own and the flow of it all. Great job for your first told me you included a LOVE triangle which I thought was pretty cute...I asked you if you KNEW what a LOVE TRIANGLE was and you very clearly and matter-of-factly told me!

We watched old Supermarket Sweep episodes on You Tube together in your room last night....had a ball. We both miss that show. You pronounced bologna BOW-LOG-NA instead of BALONEY which I found so funny....we busted out laughing big time on that! is the movie you made!



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