Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dear Noah.....Dayton PhilharMONSTER concert and TRICK OR TREAT!

SO Saturday I took you to the Dayton Schuster Center for the first time to attend the Dayton Philharmonic concert they put on for Halloween...the PHILHARMONSTER concert. I got us seats in the front row! You could actually lean on the stage we were so close. The place was so beautiful....and we will definitely be going back for other concerts or shows. There were many levels of balconies...and the very top of the ceiling led to an open area that looked as if you were gazing out onto the stars. SO beautiful!

You went trick-or-treating with your cousin Audrey that evening went as Avatar the Last Airbender from the cartoon series...and she has a Victorian dead had a good time but everyone tired out fast this year.

We eventually got back here to finish watching the Ohio State football game....where they beat Minnesota 52 to 10!

Lots to I am keeping this short. I love you...tonight you want to make it movie night! I think you said you wanted to watch Polar Express because it was the time of year you wanted to start watching Christmas movies!




Beth Niquette said...

Wow--what a wonderful adventure. I love the ceiling in that amazing structure.

And the kids are so cute in their costumes! lol It sounds like you all had a lovely time.

Patty said...

Dear Noah, so happy you had a nice time. Love you to the moon and back. Grandma

kristi said...

TC was tuckered out this year too!