Saturday, November 06, 2010

Dear are missing your dad....

You woke up today and came out acting very you either did not feel well or were extremely sad. When I finally went through a complete listing of all your body parts and asking you if they hurt and you replying no..I finally asked you if you were sad. You started to cry and said you were and it was because you really wanted to see your dad. You miss him a lot I will have to have some surgery coming up and I think he is trying to time his next visit with that so he can be here for you during that time to help out which will be great. You are only hoping if that happens he stays longer than a couple of days. You need some serious time with him one-on-one.

We had to travel to Columbus the other day so I could see a surgeon...and on our way back we stopped at a combo KFC/Long John Silvers and they had a special parking place for classic old cars and beside it an old gas station and drive in speakers. We had to take a pic of you. We had a nice day together away from school and work and we actually got a lot accomplished since we began our day so early!

Otherwise Noah I love you so much. Hopefully you will get to see your dad and have a wonderful visit before you know it!



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Lora said...

Hopefully the visit with his dad will be more than a couple of days. I hope that your surgery is not something serious.