Friday, September 25, 2009

Dear Noah......I am going to have to start carrying around a little notebook....

to write down the cute things you say from time to time as I sometimes don't always get back here in time to post them before I forget!

Monday we went on a field trip to Wright Patterson Air Force Base museum. We had a great time..but your feet started to hurt before we got done...your orthotics need replaced...and then your legs started to hurt a bit. We did make it through the entire museum though....and it was great to incorporate this trip into our week as we have studied some of these things in history lately such as Orville and Wilbur Wright.....and Henry Ford......Alexander Graham Bell, etc.

When we got to some of the bomber planes with the nose were a bit disturbed when you saw the Strawberry Bitch plane and turned to me and said "MOM! Couldn't they have done a plane without using a cuss word?" I explained to you that "bitch" used in his situation was not really meaning anything negative.....but was more of a good usage of the word, that it was not being used as a cuss word.

I found the First Flight tile mural amazing. Over 162,000 tiles were used to make the final piece of art. Each tiny tile...about the size of a scrabble tile.....had special designs on them....which all represented something pertaining to the first flight of the Wright brothers.

We have had a busy is going pretty well......and oh.....I love you!



Jill O. Miles said...

If Noah enjoys coloring he might enjoy the Wright Brothers coloring page link on my post about the Wright Brothers. It's here:

Patty said...

Noah, you're some cool looking Dude standing in front of that older airplane. Love you

Casdok said...

Sounds like a great day out!
Carrying a notbook is a good idea:)

autisable said...

Please touch base, we'd like to syndicate your blog on

Betsy said...

My Spencer wears orthotics. Can I ask if you have them custom-made or if you buy them standard? I've only gotten some mail-order standard kind for him but have been wondering if it would be better to go with something else.

Melinda said...

Betsy......Noah's were custom made the first two times. I tried mail order this last time but they were not nearly as good at correcting his feet as the custom made ones were. AND only the kind that went clear up to his ankles really did the job. When I tried the in-the-shoe below the ankle kind last time they did not do as well. He had his first pair made in Colorado by a was in the shoe type but when clear up to his ankles. Those really corrected his problems.

SO the custom made ones however are so expensive. Orpro here in Ohio charges like 500.00 or more for a pair. AND those usually only last a growing child's feet like a year or so. It can really add up! There are cheaper places around I think...but they are hard to find. Sometimes physical therapy places have connections to other companies besides Orpro that do the same custom made orthotics at a much cheaper rate.