Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Dear aced 2 big History semester tests!

You are awesome! You really like history in school right now and sometimes I wonder if you are really getting any of the stuff we go over or are really learning let alone retaining some of the information.

Well...I had to give you a unit assessment test and then a semester test and at first thought maybe I should review it all again with you. You know, take the test questions and use as a study guide...go over answers.....prep you for the test...and then next week have you take the test.

BUT I decided to just see what you really knew or had learned. I gave you both tests and you got ALL of the answers correct on both tests...including the semester test which went back to before summer as you are just finishing up your year now. I was totally amazed you not only KNEW all that stuff, but had learned it AND RETAINED IT!

Today at occupational therapy she worked a lot on strengthening your eye muscles. You have huge problems with focusing...following things with your eyes...and they feel a need to try to strengthen your eye muscles which will help you in this area. Problem is.....shortly after therapy you had a horrible headache and said your eyes really hurt too. I felt bad...we came home and I gave you Motrin and had you lay down with your eyes shut while I read to you and I went over Science stuff with you for school. In about 2 hours you started to feel better.

This year in school you will have to do a lot more writing...but I am going to have you TYPE things out as you do much better at typing things than if you have to concentrate on trying to hand write them. I am going to have you also do the typing course I wanted you to do this past summer.

Anyway......we have been busy......struggling at times and you flying at others. That's all part of life!

I love you lots!



Patty said...

WOW, sounds like you are learning big time and remembering everything. That was always one of my problems in scool, remembering what I read.

You don't suppose you might need glasses, do you? Love you and Mommy

Betsy said...

Great job with the tests! Wow...don't you just love that...proof of real retention and understanding the material!