Monday, October 05, 2009

Dear Noah......lots of field trips and activities....

Let's see...we went to WPAFB Museum a couple of Mondays ago.......this pat Monday we went to Boonshoft Museum......we went to a fire parade Saturday and a local play of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow on Sunday! We stayed up last night for movie night....and here is it Monday again already!

Fall is in the air and today we had to turn the heat on this morning just to take the chill out of the air a bit as it had dropped to about 63 degrees in the house. It is a beautiful day and I am still not sure what we will do.....though I have a million things needing done here at home!

I would like to try to get over to see Grandma C. sometime today if possible.

I also would like to get OUTSIDE and enjoy the outdoors a bit today.

Anyway.....everything is going along......I may take some time off for the holidays around Christmas and you are super excited about that.

I love you!



Patty said...

Hope you were able to get over to see Grandma C before she went to Greenville with Michael.

I know Charlotte was there when I called her this morning before lunch. She had been gone all Sept. and I think Grandma C missed her dropping in, plus she seems to know all the news in town and keeps Grandma C posted. Which reminds me I better call her before Dancing With The Stars comes on.

I'll hang onto your Frisbee until I see you again. I have it here in the office laying on my printer.

Love you little fella.

Betsy said... really have been busy! All of those places are so great for kids! I love that huge turtle shell! :)