Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dear Noah........"Look mom.....I am turning into SONIC!"

That is what you said to me when stepping out of the bathtub to dry off with the towel. You leaned way over and showed me your face and more specifically, your "eyebrows." You then took your finger and starting from the outside of your right eyebrow traced a line all the way across from that eyebrow to the left eyebrow...with NO interruption across the top of the bridge of your nose. You said you had noticed "hairs" there that you thought might "connect" your two eyebrows into one! JUST LIKE SONIC' the Hedgehog's eyebrows! I personally did not see that....not to the point where they would connect your eyebrows together.

I then explained to you all about UNIbrow and why you probably would not really want a UNIbrow. You just laughed and went on to explain further that your eyes were starting to look more like Sonic's eyes too. MORE rounded or something.

Later on we had a more serious discussion before bedtime. We were talking about relationships....and you told me you hoped I would get a boyfriend who could actually be around us soon as you would really like to have a man in your life right now....have another man in the house. I thought that was sweet, but it also tore my heart up. I sometimes feel totally inadequate in providing you many of the things I know you need.

You just helped me make a homemade pizza. Today we want to finish things up here at home and head over to see Grandma C. for a bit as we have not seen her for like 10 days!

The weather has been gorgeous.....hard to believe October is right around the corner. Your aunt Melissa and cousin Audrey are to come over on Saturday afternoon and you are super excited about that. you are sitting at your school computer....notice where you are holding your pencil??

Well...we need to finish school so we can go see grandma in a bit.




Betsy said...

I think he'll be fine unless he starts asking for a blue mohawk! hee!

Patty said...

LOL, now if you could write with your toes, that would be something. Hope you had a nice visit with Mom/Grandma.

Yesterday when I went to visit Mom, we ran to the grocery and the young man that runs the store said to Mom, hello Mrs. Custer, she was pushing the cart and I was coming along behind her, but the display was hiding me at first. Then he said, hello to me and said you must be Mrs. Custers sister, I can see the resemblance. I said, no I'm her daughter and it embarrassed him, he said, I'm sorry, I told him that was all right, since Mom and I are, age wise, like sisters. Mom said yes, I was very young when I had her. I told him actually there's more of an age difference between our first child and last one then there is between Mom and me. Mom and I got a kick out of it. We laughed about it when we got back to her house and was talking about Kirby.