Monday, April 20, 2009

Dear Noah........your first state test ........

was this morning for reading. You were done in less than 1 hour. I hope and pray you did well. You said you thought you did. Wednesday will be Math and Friday will be Writing. When we left it was pouring down rain...we got soaked just walking back to the truck. We stopped in to see grandma and grandpa L on the way home. Then you wanted to hit up their local Super Wal*Mart to check out their bathrooms.

You got another Sonic the Hedgehog plushie from ME for Easter....her name is CREAM....and you are in love with her. carry her around....kiss on her.....tell me you are in love with her....that she is your DREAM QUEEN CREAM! You took both the girl plushies to bed with you the other night with a HUGE smile on your face...asking me if I saw you when I checked on you later.....KISSING on Cream as you were "making out with her."

You said you liked both Amy (another Sonic character) and Cream but you were going to sleep beside Cream as she was YOUNGER....I guess more your age whereas Amy would be more like a teenager.

I have since noticed you a few times...lying around on the sofa with CREAM in your arms......or your lips plastered to her stuffed ones.......

I quietly reminded you that if you ever got a real life girlfriend at your age you would NOT be allowed to be lying around kissing and loving all over her.....not until you were much older and really understood what was going on!!!

You just laughed and grinned and held "CREAM" up against you even tighter. are very much .......a boy!

(turning into a young man right before my eyes!)

I love you very much Noah!

XOXOXOX (your monitor)

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Patty said...

I'm sure like most things, the newness will wear off soon. LOL Until then hang in there Mom. Love you both.