Monday, April 06, 2009

Dear Noah....funnel clouds spotted everywhere......

and we were driving right in the middle of it! We had taken a drive over to find the hotel you will be taking the state mandated tests at.......and on the way back we stopped at grandma and grandpa L's to visit with them. We left and it was getting stormy but we did not think too much about it. We headed to get you some pizza at Domino's before heading to grandma C's house and then home. We thought we would take pizza to grandma C's house for supper since we had not seen her for awhile since you have been sick.

Well....while waiting for the pizza grandma L. called us on the cell phone and told us a tornado had been spotted and was coming our way and to get the pizza and get out of there. Grandma L' and C's tornado warnings in their towns went we get the pizzas and have to head back TOWARDS the areas funnel clouds were reported first.....before making another turn to go in a different direction towards home.....

Seems no place was safe......soon the rain and storm were right on top of us. The winds were unbelievable....the was crazy! You started to cry.....I called grandma C. and told her we were going to just keep trying to drive on we would be far enough north it sounded like to miss the funnel clouds or possible tornadoes....though we still had tremendous storms!

So she said yes to go on home.....the tornado siren was going off there.......she would get in the on we went listening to the radio's weather report the entire way. It sounds like the funnel clouds and storm where all around us. It was crazy and we were so glad to get home!

You had a dream then about tornadoes......I will write about that tomorrow.

For now I am thankful we made it home.....everyone was safe.......and if any tornado actually touched down......not much damage was done!


Betsy said...

That was scary! Glad you were safe!

Patty said...

I'm glad you both made it safely home. I know every since that one did go through Mom's town about fifteen years ago, she makes sure she has on a local channel. Her and Dad were watching something else, and didn't realize what was going on until the windows started rattling and she told him they better get in the closet under the stairway. It made a wide sweep through town and took a lot of homes. When we went up on Thanksgiving day, it looked like a bombed out area. A lot of damage. Mom and Dad were lucky, it took out several buildings about a block from them, but only damaged their tree in the back. We knew something was going on, the sky never looked so black to our west as it did that evening and when I tried to call them, no phone service. Finally the next day I was able to contact the police and they said they were ok. If it would have hit while people were sleeping, I would imagine there would have been a lot of deaths. Mom didn't have electric or gas for about a week. And for about five days they wouldn't let anyone into their town, unless they lived there and had left to go to work. We were finally able to get in on Thanksgiving. And like I said, it looked like a war zone.

I would imagine Noah did have nightmares, driving in the pounding rain. And look how quickly that came up.

We had some snow yesterday and right now there's a few flakes. Have to get dressed and run to Keller's and a few places. Love you both.

Melinda said...

yes...the winds were really rough was not just rain. It was pretty bad actually.

I remember the tornado and going up too to see the damage. In fact we all went together if you remember. Grandma and I were just talking about that yesterday. It was back in 1992....we were trying to remember WHEN and she thought it was only a couple of years before grandpa died. I told her it was before I moved to Colorado which was 1997.

The tornado was 1992....and you can see some pics and read more about it here: