Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear have been busy.......

Let's see.....last Wednesday after group was the day you all went to the YMCA to play kickball and dodge ball which you really enjoyed. Before I left you were already chit chatting with some other kids about the pool you could all view from the lobby. When I picked you up your face was beet red (but so was everyone else's) had a great time. You forgot your coat though and started to cry when you realized it. I could tell the leader of the group was not thrilled about having to walk all the way back to get your coat with you. I would have immediately told you "it's okay...we will go back and get it" so you would KNOW everything would be fine and you would be able to go get your jacket. Instead...she chose to remind you of what she had told you and the other kids before you left the NOT forget anything. Her reminding you of this only set you off further and made you think you were not going to be allowed to go back and get your coat. FINALLY she said to you that you both would walk back and get your coat.

You could barely walk by the time we left for the parking lot (your new orthotics finally came 2 days ago and you are doing much better now) and had to limp to the car complaining of your feet and upper legs really bothering you. It got so bad you could not even walk at home. I had to carry stuff to you. We will see how this cheaper version of orthotics does for you.....bought online. I know you probably need another pair of custom a different company I think as the first one I was not thrilled with the end results. BUT we will see how this version I just got you does. So far you say it makes your feet feel pretty good and they do not bother your feet. AND you do walk much better and your stance appears corrected better than with the custom made orthotics. Time will tell. It amazes me how bad you can get going without the orthotics though....especially if you try to run or walk a lot.

Sunday we ran over and picked up Grandma C and took her with us to Long John Silver's for supper. Then we headed over to Wal*Mart as she wanted to pick up some new kitchen rugs. We had a very nice time and visit.

We ran errands yesterday and once trip was to the post office. We happened to see your former school helper there. I was wondering if she would even speak to you. No choice was given to her as you ran up to her and hugged her and told her you missed her and asked her if she ever got your letter you sent last year at the end of your time there. She may have been fibbing but she said she never got your letter or picture you sent to her. AND you may not have. The prior school staff has been less than friendly since I withdrew you and probably once they saw who it was from...they either tossed it or the principal justified opening it and reading it and then decided to keep it....who knows. I explained to her that you had sent her a letter telling her you loved her and thanking her for all she had done for you at that school. I also thanked her for all she had done. Anyway....

Today is the last meeting for group for this quarter but the Zone will still be open and running in between. In fact you will do the zone again today after group if all goes as planned.

I am finally finishing the room here in my office area....I have set up your school computer and work station in my office...and I put up the 5 shelf units I bought. Now I get to start putting away all the school supplies and my arts/crafts stuff and office stuff onto all the shelves. The house is a bit messy as once again there are boxes of stuff lining up the hallway.....but it will get done. AND sooner than later as now as I can actually SEE the room....I am motivated to finish it quick! I have held off on unpacking a lot of things thinking we would find a house to buy. Now regardless of whether or not we do.....we need to make this house more usable and functional for our needs now.

We made Easter gingerbread cookies last night.

I love you....wish I could go back to bed this morning......



Patty said...

Sounds like you've been busy, busy, busy. Perhaps you can go to bed a little earlier tonight. I'm going to try to. About another hour and Audrey will be getting off the bus, then I have to think of what to prepare for supper/dinner. Love you both. Hope you had fun at the Zone today.

Betsy said...

My Spencer wears orthotics, too....ordered online!