Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear Noah.......Dentist appointment at Children's Hospital....

Well you were due for your dental visit on Monday (checkup and cleaning) at the Children's Medical Center. We stopped and picked you up some BK hash browns for your breakfast. On the way out way out of town we saw the sun coming up and it was a GIANT RED RUBBER BALL in the sky. I tried to snap a few pics but it rose fast and I could not get a clear shot.

Children's does such a great job with you and working with you to get you through the dentist visit, cleaning and exam. You do better each time. What has really helped is the fact that the dentist tries to have the same woman clean your teeth now...as she knows all the special quirks needed to get you through it. The dentist always allows me back in the room with you...so you are more relaxed. You did pretty well this time...even better than the last time. I told them to skip the x-rays as they was no reason for you to have them. I always avoid things when not necessary. I also always have them NOT do the fluoride treatment and sealants (I should post articles about that on here....the fluoride is a very dangerous thing to be putting in our bodies). ANYWAY...basically it was for a checkup and cleaning as I knew your teeth were okay...other than some loose ones and needing them cleaned.

The dentist looked at the blackish/brown stain stuff that usually develops on your front teeth uppers and lowers about 4 months after they have been cleaned. I told him I had done some research on it and other than esthetically looking "bad"....it was actually a "good" thing and kids with that usually never get cavities. He just turned to me and smiled really big and said I was CORRECT! He said some people will look at your kid's mouth and think they never brush or they have decayed teeth and it has nothing to do with that at all. In fact....it is the opposite. Your mouth just produces more of this helpful bacteria than some other mouths do. So I told him it does not bother me so much, and although I know it looks bad, if it also helps protect your teeth and is not there too long, I am not too worried about it. You usually only have them looking a bit rough about 1-2 months before they get cleaned again anyway.

SO we may take you for 1 extra cleaning per year...which would be out of pocket. We will see. We are going to continue brushing twice per day...once in the morning and again at night.

The dentist said you have 3-4 loose baby teeth that are about ready to come out. Your teeth were fine...NO cavities....and all coming in fine for the placement of your jaw.

After the dentist you went outside at the hospital to play for awhile. The air was a bit breezy. We donated grandma C's baby afghans and baby hats to the hospital. You had to stop and check the toilets..and the one family bathroom at the hospital of course had KID-sized toilets and sinks. We filmed that and took some photos.

Off to run a million errands after that. AND I MEAN A MILLION...Esther Price, the library, Walmart, Krogers, Staples to pick up your wireless connector, OT therapy, Dollar Tree, bank, cable company to get a different cable box which still did not totally fix the problem so now they have to come out anyway and my prior box was probably fine, signed you up for an Easter Egg hunt...(and other places/things I am probably forgetting).....and then back to do cookies and party mix here at home for the week for you for snacks. I got your school computer hooked up in the new classroom area and online...so today you used it for the first time to talk to your teacher and work with her online for awhile. SO YEAH! That was a process. I had put that off way too long! I will take pics and post once I am completely done with the room, but it is really coming along.

I have to sign off and get a fast shower. You have speech therapy in about an hour.

Then back home to finish school! LOVE YOU NOAH!


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Patty said...

Goodness you and Mommy are busy, busy, busy. You need to take some time to rest. Glad your dentist appointment went great.

Grandma and Grandpa have cleaning coming up next month. We're now going to a dentist right here in town, saves running to Vandalia. We go on separate days. I told her I only have 8 of my own time and she said that won't take long, but they usually charge the same as if you have a mouth full. At least the other dentist did.

Almost lunch time, and Grandpa will be getting hungry like always. More later. Raining here, I bet it is there to. Love you to the moon and back.