Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dear Noah........Sunday afternoon......

(you dressed up like a doctor for a Halloween party in preschool)

and we have the windows open and I am still organizing the new office/schoolroom area. It is really going to be nice when we get it all done.

I found a box while going through with a folder of paperwork from your old kindergarten schools out in Colorado. some of that sure brought back anxious feelings......but.....also thankfulness that you have made such tremendous progress.

I am truly thankful you can do school from home now.

Next month at the end of the month will be 3 days of state mandated testing. I hope that goes well. Reading, math and writing on 3 different days.....all about 2-1/2 hours long. We have to drive over 45 miles to even get to the test site. I hope you will be able to focus and do well as it will be in a hotel and I am sure you will be wanting to check out the bathrooms and lobby..etc. I will have to take you before the test dates so you can explore and get that out of your system.

Hopefully later today we will finally make it back over to see grandma C. It sure is a nice day. Today I am busy putting more things away in your new classroom area in my office. It is coming along nicely but there are still many boxes of things to put away. Hard to believe all that was ever stored in this room!

Anyway....tomorrow is dentist day. I will be glad to get that over. We have to go to the Children's Hospital for that visit. Then we have many errands to we will be busy most of the day. I need to get as much done today as I can!

I need to cut this entry short. I love you Noah!


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Patty said...

Dear Noah, you certainly make a cute little doctor.

I talked to Grandma C a while ago, and she said you and Mommy were dropping in later. Hope you all have a nice peaceful visit, with just the three of you and no interruptions.

Well it's time to fix Grandpa L a bite of supper. I'll let Audrey and Melissa fix themselves something tonight. I'm not hungry. More later, Love you to the moon and back. Grandma L.