Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dear Noah.....your last day of school for this year ...

is today! You are very excited because you will have a Christmas party today and one of the snacks will be fruit roll ups and you cannot wait to eat one. I guess eating something at school during regular class time makes it a lot more special? haha

Anyway.....when I picked you up yesterday after a tremendously good day for you at school, I took you to Kentucky Fried Chicken to eat INSIDE the restaurant and you were thrilled.

While "visiting" across from you eating (as I did not get anything).....we talked and talked. You told me that your male teacher asked you what you wanted for Christmas...and I guess you mentioned your list. I guess somewhere along the way you must have mentioned you might be concerned you had not been "good enough" to earn those presents from Santa. SO what did the male teacher do? He whipped out his cell phone and across the table from you CALLED SANTA! haha He apparently proceeded to tell Santa how GOOD you have been and how well you have done this year so far. You were ecstatic about the fact that this would greatly increase your odds at receiving those presents!

You are such a sweetie....and so deliciously innocent. Making memories to treasure forever.

Which reminds me of a flip side to all this goodness. At Kroger's the other night at the check out line you got your fingers squished in the shopping cart.....and I was asking you if you were alright and what do you say back to me? "QUIT NAGGING!" "Nagging?", I asked. "NAGGING!?", I implored. I explained how I was trying to be NICE and CONCERNED about your possible injuries to your fingers.....and that was most certainly NOT nagging.

So Noah....this is your mother.....nagging you about loving you.....

I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you so very much Noah.



Melissa said...

Nagging? hahaha Sounds like something a spouse would say! How funny.

I'm glad he had such a great last day of school. Audrey did as well. They also had a party and ate lunch in their classroom, big stuff apparently.

Patty said...

That is just too cute, wait till he grows up, he'll find out what nagging is when he gets a girl friend or wife. Ha!Ha! But then she may turn out to be as sweet as Noah.

Hope his party today turns out well for him and he has a barrel of fun. Love you both.

Melinda said...

Well mom my goal is to teach Noah how to be in a relationship so nagging is eliminated. It is a choice...and if you are in a proper relationship/partnership....and you are both giving your very best....there should not really be any room left for nagging. That usually only happens when one party does not contribute the same as the other.

drama mama said...

Love the photo.

I love that male teacher who called Santa.

Hope he enjoyed his chicken INSIDE a restaurant.

Melinda said...

hey drama mama......yes..I thought it was pretty cool too and when I asked Noah if he did it for the other students in his class he said no. was something very special and made a HUGE impression on him.

I wish I could thank his teachers more than I have.