Friday, December 28, 2007

Dear are so flexible!

When I walk past your room every day I can pretty much be sure I will see you sitting like this with one foot under your chin/cheek supporting it like a hand would. In fact when I first started noticing this I did not think it was your foot but DID think it was your hand. You are super flexible and will remain so your entire life.

I love you!



drama mama said...

Dear God!

Get him to a yoga class!

Melinda said...

hahaha..yeah he is super flexible...he has hyperflexible joints......and he sits with this foot up like an extra hand to support his head when his two hands are busy on the computer or doing other things. He uses his foot a lot like a hand...for many things....always has! haha

Anonymous said...

Amazing. I have seen Noah do some things with his feet but nothing like this. It is almost startling.

Patty said...

He just wants to make use of all parts of his body while working at the computer. I was never that flexible. I use to be able to sit indian style, but no longer.