Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day and after 2007

Noah woke up super early.....checking around to see what Santa brought him. He got what was on his list.....and he was very happy. He ended up with his new camera.......and a football......and the memory card to go along with his new camera. I got him some books about toilets which he was ecstatic about......and even a little miniature bathroom play set....he LOVES that. He got even more at his grandma and grandpa's house from everyone there and his aunties...too many photos to post but I will tomorrow...because Blogger is not wanting to upload them now and I need to get to bed.

I also have some cute clips if Noah and his cousin Audrey dancing adorable. AND some photographs of them.....I will post later. I am tired and it is way past my bedtime! Hope your holiday was a happy, safe one!


drama mama said...

Adorable dancing with his cousin. I'm so glad he had a good Xmas. How was YOUR Xmas?

Melinda said...

was I supposed to have one? ;)