Sunday, July 15, 2007

my slide-show tribute to the "Fairy Forest"

The song is "Carolan's Welcome" from The Twilight Realm

I also posted this on You Tube FAIRY FOREST


Grandma said...

Melinda, you did a good job, did you tell Sonny about it? Like the music to go along with the slides.

Hello Noah, hope you're having a fun day. Looks like rain, I've heard some thunder, but no rain yet. It will probably wait until I have to go check on the cats and then it will rain.

Love you and Mommy.

Anonymous said...

so pretty. how lucky you are to be able to go there. we went to a place in NM outside of Santa Fe called the Tinkertown Museum. ( place looks like it has the same kind of feel. I would go there every day!!

Amy in CO