Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a great day.......and baby ducks...

Noah and I had a great day Monday. After a doctor's appointment for myself I took Noah to a park in the area to play. Then we ran to a cemetery that has a tombstone that has a telephone bolted on the top of it....I have always wanted to show Noah that!

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THEN we ran to Target...and he did some late birthday/Christmas gift certificate shopping for himself......

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Then we went and had a picnic at our local park for a couple of hours.....where a mama duck and her babies kept us company. CLICK here for a snippet BABY DUCKS CLICK HERE

the duck movie takes a few minutes to load!

Then we left there and went to the library and to Hallmark to finally see the new Christmas ornaments for this year. Finally back home again where Noah played with his new toys and computer game.

At the end of the day Noah said "Mom, we had a great day today!"

and I would have to agree...

I love you Noah.......



Melissa said...

It sounds like you guys had a great day! Isn't that gravestone funny looking with the phone on it? Those baby ducks are cute!

Mom said...

Sounds like you two had a super duper day. Those baby ducks are adorable.

Shame we weren't home, we could have gone out to Golden Gate Park with you guys. Or ride along to the cemetery. We didn't get back from the dentist until almost noon.

Glad you two had a fun day. Love you both very much.

Becky and Margaret are due back by Sunday, they both have to go to work on Monday.