Wednesday, July 04, 2007

the "GIRLS" CAME OVER!!!!!

BEFORE I finish posting about the rest of the zoo trip.....I have to give this update!

Noah's GIRLS (the 2 little neighbor girls) CAME OVER TO OUR BACKYARD yesterday to play WITH Noah and to go swimming in our pools!

When I lifted the oldest over the fence.....and her and Noah were finally together.......where they could TOUCH each other and PLAY together in the same space.........well.......WOW. I have never seen any 2 children so happy and excited!

They started giggling and laughing and she started running and Noah started chasing her......kicked up their heels and ran with body language screaming FREEDOM the entire way!

I almost cried like an idiot......but was happy and they were happy.

THEN they all decided to go swimming.....and I made sure to get mom's permission!

They had a ball! This was the FIRST TIME Noah has EVER had ANYONE other than family come over to play with him or swim with him. I swear I could feel his heart pounding with joy!

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and this little one......(she is only 3 years old.....) told me "I AM SO HAPPY!"

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I told their mom whenever Noah was swimming since I had to be there to watch him anyway.....if the girls wanted to come over to swim too they could. So we will see.....they sure had a great time yesterday! And the oldest.......kissed Noah a couple of times........AGAIN..........(I think they have a crush on him!)


Melissa said...

They are all so cute, the little girl I especially think is a cutie! Glad they all had fun together!

KC's Blog said...

Whoa Noah! Man oh man you are so awesome! You've got friends coming over and everything! How exciting to have friends over :) Cute friends too ;)

Hi Melinda, Noah is coming right along, gosh he's doing so awesome, I can't wait for the day K.C. has a friend over, oh the joy that will come over me! I know what you mean by "cry." This calls for a good happy cry! Go Noah! Go Mom!

Melinda said...

thanks so much for your encouraging always have such nice things to say and I appreciate that!

KC will get there one day soon enough!

Thanks to you too Melissa for always popping in and commenting!

Anonymous said...

Well that is special. I am thankful it worked out and that they might be able to come over again. Imagine what it will be like when he meets kids in school and they can come over.

Nice post today.

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Grandma said...

Wow Noah, you had two of your favorite people come into your yard and pool to play with you. What a happy day for you, the girls and Mommy.

Looks like the little one has a pool all to herself. How nice.

Hope you and Ms Audrey are having fun today.

Looks like rain here and I can hear some thunder.

I hate to spoil the fire works for everyone, but we do need some rain badly.

Have fun little man.
Love you to the moon and back.

Daddy said...

my little man,

Growing up so well. Experiencing new and exciting things. I bet that you had a great time finally having the fence barrier taken away. What joy you must have experienced.

Love you more daily,