Monday, July 23, 2007

Dear Noah.....DENTIST DAY!

Well Noah.....all I can say is I am so proud of you! You did so very well today at the dentist. This was your first time EVER in going to a dentist and it was the first time I had ever seen a pediatric dentist clinic. Definitely geared toward children....scaled down dental chairs...the works. ALL kid size! We got there and had to wait a little bit...but you played well with a couple of children in the playing area.

Then back inside the clinic. The dentist came in and he was a very nice man. He asked you to open up wide and you did. He said "WOW he really has brushed his teeth well in the back and sides....they look perfect!" I told him you have always been pretty good about keeping your teeth brushed and clean till the bottom and top ones started becoming loose and falling out.....then we had a very difficult time cleaning the front teeth. He said you have great teeth......and the crowded teeth and front teeth that stick out too far would only be fixed later after you got all your permanent teeth in. At that time if there are still issues with over-crowding of teeth they would send you to an orthodontist for braces or some other type of correction.

SO next it was off to get were already in the chair with the protective vest on before I got there. It was a striped vest with a big yellow smiley face on the middle. You were being given instructions on how to hold and bite down on the radiographic plates in your mouth.....and even though you said a couple of times you did not want to do did.....all four! You did not even need any help! (they said usually the kids do need someone in there helping to hold the plates in their mouths!)

Back to the dentist chair where the hygienist began cleaning your teeth. She carefully explained all the equipment to you....and even the sharp scraping tool did not scare you. In chose cherry-flavored polishing gel.......and she got to work. You had NO cavities.......little tartar build up.....only on the front ones we had a harder time brushing she scraped and buffed and you did very very well. We had all agreed ahead of time if she was able to do so while cleaning, she would pull those 2 loose teeth in your mouth. I heard an OUCH out of you and apparently she had pulled the top loose tooth.....and she finished cleaning....and pulled the bottom one out! YOU sat up.......and they even did a fluoride treatment in grape flavor....which you kept saying you did not want her to do....but you still let her....and you endured it very quietly.

NO breakdowns! You did very well...lying quietly on the table and allowing her to work in your mouth. By the time she was done you were ready to go home.....but otherwise you did well. I did ask if I could take a couple of pictures of you on the table in the dentist office. You of course wanted me to FILM it....which I did not. Here are a couple of you:

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-23

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-23

You do not look happy......but you also have a bad sunburn from being in the pool a few hours yesterday with your cousin. This is the FIRST sunburn you have ever gotten...and I am still not quite sure how you got this one. BUT you are a bit lethargic from that.....and the "zombie mode" is your way of coping and getting through all these things you have gone through the last couple of days but especially today (you had 2 busy days in a row visiting relatives and swimming yesterday and then today at the dentist....which is probably overwhelming to you).

I am thrilled you did so well. You are learning to cope and make it through difficult situations. You are acting so much more mature and grown up and I am so happy for you and so very very proud of you.

You my little man are becoming an incredible young man......and one day you will be a most amazing man. I love you very much and today I am especially proud of you!


OH.....they put your two teeth in a tiny green trinket box....and you got to pick a prize from their treasure chest for doing so well. You also got to pick a new toothbrush which was SpongeBob of course....

I have not seen you step off into a ZOMBIE mode for awhile......but this has been a very active few days for you and lots of are coping well. You slept all the way home from the my parents' house and then at home. It is only 8:15 p.m. and you came in and asked if you could just go on to bed you were very tired. We put cooling gel on your sunburn.....gave you some Motrin.....and off you went. By the way.......your teeth are so pearly white now! JUST beautiful!

NEXT will be your first HAIR CUT!


Melissa said...

Great job Noah!! I'm so proud of you for doing so well, and so is Audrey. While you were asleep she even called your Mom to see how you did.

You know what else? Audrey also has a little bit of a sunburn on her lower back too. She's complaining that it hurts, and she fell asleep in my lap tonight for a couple of hours!

I can't wait to see a picture of you with her polished teeth! Yay for Noah!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad it all worked out, for Mommy and Noah.

A big day and in the end the sunburn will be worse than anything you remember about the day.

Your skin might even peel off and show new skin under the old.


Grandma said...

I'm very proud of you Noah. I KNEW you could handle it. You are amazing. Just when everyone thinks something will upset you, you breeze right through it.

Glad you and Mommy stopped, hope you enjoy the elephant and tiger animals that make sounds. Also your M & M's for today. Hope the sun burn gets better soon. Well Grandma has to run to the grocery and pick up some milk and bananas.

Love you little man. Keep up the good brushing job you've been doing.

Drama Mama said...

WOW! What an accomplishment! So sorry about the sunburn. They make me feel funky, too.

Hope you're up and at 'em soon!