Monday, March 20, 2006


Noah and I checked out the local schools on Thursday last week. I was impressed with their knowledge and willingness to really find the best fit for public school MIGHT be an option in the future....though I prefer still continuing with homeschooling for now.

I have been torn lately as I can only work part-time.....and though I had wanted to transition back to full time by the end of summer...I think I finally realized with the dissolutionment...that it may not be possible. I have to devote much more time now to caring for Noah.....and I would not have enough hours in the day to work 8 and then do all the other things for Noah including therapies and homeschooling. SO....the reality hit me I may have to continue on with part-time work in order to have the time for him AND to qualify for more aid for him.

So...the woman from the county came out today. We were to review what benefits might be available for Noah....and it sounds like he will be eligible for many. MORE than he was in Colorado where he was basically denied benefits. My case worker came to grandma's house today and assessed Noah and his/my needs. Academically she said he was great and would not qualify as he passed with flying colors. In fact she had him read a paragraph and then answer some questions. He read it perfectly and answered all the questions. When he left the room she told me that they are only required to read a couple of sentences and answer 1-2 questions but he read the entire story AND answered each question and correctly. THEN she told me it was a story that was made for kids who are 9-10 years old. Noah just turned 7. SO he did great. He did all the time questions correctly. He did all the money questions and counted out money to her in any amount she asked him to. He is fine academically. BUT he would meet the criteria for other aids and benefits so we will begin that process...which will be a lengthy one but this woman was so helpful. We will also begin the SSI and Medicaid process as he most likely would also qualify for those benefits and that would only help him in the long-run. Medicaid actually pays for more things than private insurance does and I will eventually lose that coverage for Noah.

Apparently I can even get benefits and help.....including Medical/Health Coverage for the both of us....housing help...etc. I was stunned. I had no idea about all that. SO I have much to think about. Cause if I continue working part-time....I can get the most for NOAH...and more help for him...and actually have more time for him too...that I can use for his therapies and homeschooling, etc. ...and since I would have less income....he would get MORE benefits and aid....which would only be better for him. I had planned on transitioning back to full time work by the end of summer. SO I have a lot to think about. Apparently if I make too much money some of the benefits I might be able to get for him might end? Or change at the very least. SO I have to be careful and make the best choices.

This also might affect housing. I can still BUY a house....but....if I am only working part-time....a lot will then depend on whether or not I can afford to continue buying a house. I guess with my income and child support AND his benefits perhaps I still could. I will have to do some quick math. I have to admit the idea of only having to do part-time work would be a his needs and care are taking up a lot more of my time now that I am the ONLY one taking care of him. According to this woman today I can even get respite care...(WHICH I had heard about before) and someone to help watch Noah during the day when I work if needed..which would be great so I can actually SLEEP again at nighttime! SO NEED that!

SO I have a lot to do and think about...but it was so nice to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Now to press forward and see where it takes us!


kyra said...

what wonderful news! i am so thrilled for both you and noah. what a nice affirmation about this new phase of your lives. i think it would be wonderful for you to have the chance to work only part time for a while so you can concentrate on noah and on yourself!keep us posted!

LynAnne said...

If you like the schools, you might check to see if they have a dual-enrollment option where he could attend a class or two during the week (art, music, or a "buddy/frienship" class if your district has one, etc) yet be homeschooled for the academic subjects.

I have a feeling we will soon have to homeschool our autistic son but we'll dual-enroll him because he's making HUGE steps forward in social skills. His special education teachers have been really working with him this year.