Monday, March 06, 2006

Dear Noah:

Noah and I had a very busy SOCIAL weekend this past weekend. Something we know little of since for the past 8 1/2 years in Colorado we never experienced it. While living there we just had no one to do anything was always just us. SO...this has been nice...but also a bit overwhelming sometimes for Noah though he is loving it!

Saturday we went to Melissa's for Audrey's birthday party....we had a blast. I love Audrey so much. She is such a joy and treat to be around...hilariously grown up for her age! She seems to finally have taken to me and loves playing with me I spent a lot of time upstairs in her room with her and Noah. Course I also got to see my sisters and mom and was all a great day! Here are a few photos from that:

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me and the kids upstairs...some turned out with a weird red glow that was actually kinda cool....there was not much lighting up there

and Audrey and me with BIRTHDAY CROWNS ON

We had a great time.....and Melissa's cat Sevvy is a trip! SOOO sweet and dead weight in your arms...wanting to be loved on....he was amazing too. We had cake, ice cream....and lots of fun and laughs. Noah and I stayed and had pizza with Melissa and her ex and his partner that night....more fun. I know it sounds strange but we did. Anyway......

Sunday my sister Angela was going to make a new recipe for I basically invited myself over for dinner and she said OKAY! YAHOOO! Noah and I packed up and went...we got lost about 3 times on the way...I was talking to Tony the entire time which was good so I did not get too nervous or freak out about getting a bit lost. Finally got there after I met Gary at a Speedway to direct me the rest of the way to their house but by that time I already knew where I was. Next time it will be HIGHWAY driving for me to and from there all the way! SO MUCH easier and quicker.

The meal was SUPERB! The best meal (AND company) I have had in ages! She made this fantastic lasagna which was the BEST! My mouth is watering thinking about it. She also made a balsamic vinegar dressing for a fantastic salad she made up..and we had French baguette bread. I WiSH I had pics...but none.

Anyway...we had just sat down at the dinner table...Angela was serving the salad with tongs....well..we served ourself. I used the tongs..put some salad on my plate...BUT FORGOT TO RELEASE the tongs prior to putting them back into the salad bowl. Needless to say....they opened upon my dropping them into the bowl of salad...where they promptly FLIPPED OPEN and spewed bits of cheese, salad and onions all over ME..the table and the floor! I am laughing hysterically even today thinking about it. I had cheese and salad greens down my bra.....and looked around...Alex just sat there dumbfounded I think afraid to laugh....I busted out...and then could not stop. I about fell off my chair laughing so hard...and then Angela, Gary and Alex got to laughing at me laughing. I swear I could have peed my pants! It was soo hilarious!!!! I wish it was caught on film but only in the memories of my mind now. Anyway...after about 10 minutes of extreme laughing I calmed down enough to complete my orgasmic meal! WHICH IS how I would describe was all so damn good!!!

HUM...maybe I should move closer to Angela's I could invite myself over for dinner more often? hee hee

Then later she offered me some Sneaky Petes....OH MY MY MY MY! TOO easy to drink those....but they were good. I only had a tiny bit since I was to drive later back to grandma's house.

SO Noah played with Alex the entire time upstairs. Angela's apartment is decorated up very nicely. She always has a knack for that. So serene and peaceful environment....Buddhas all over the place.....simply beautiful. Her bedroom is out of this world gorgeous! SO romantic and glass goblets with candles inside.....dark maroon beaded netting crowing the bed......luxurious gold trimmed bedding and pillows...more Buddhas....just gorgeous and seductive. I had to crawl under the beaded bedding to see what it would feel like sleeping in there (or other things) and it was amazing. I hope I can have a sensual and serene bedroom like that one day.

Then she showed me some of the artwork she has been working on. I do have to admit all us kids are talented in some way or another. Angela started out scrapbooking photographs into amazing albums...but has branched out with cardmaking and stamping and more. She is truly talented and SHOULD be doing that full time for a business as she would have no problems with people snatching up her stuff! It seems to be a passion of hers too and she is very very good at it.

SO...I had a great weekend...did not get anything done here I should have but instead had a more enjoyable time with my family.....which I have not done in YEARS! VERY good for the soul!

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