Friday, March 31, 2006

Noah and possible helps from the county

MUCH has happened since moving back to Ohio. I am currently in the process of completing Noah's SSI and Medicaid application. I meet next Wednesday to finish that process.

Friday the lady from the county comes back out to discuss different things we might qualify for....Noah will likely be eligible for nearly everything they offer she said which is great....including medical coverage AND coverage for me. What a relief that will be if needed...and this includes vision, dental, etc.

We might also qualify for rent assistance if I decide to rent and not buy.

I am in the process of setting up a tour at the Nicholas School in Piqua...which is:
Rehabilitation Center for Neurological Development
Nicholas School
The Brain Wellness Center
Aquatic Therapy & Wellness Center

An ungraded special-needs school for students in grades K-8

*Students are instructed academically according to the Ohio Department of Education Operating Standards for Elementary and Secondary Schools

*A developmentally oriented program that incorporates perceptual motor skill training into the academic setting through individual or small group classes

* Day School - Provides a setting where students can succeed by stimulating the neurological processes of visual, auditory, tactile and motor skills.

It was the dream and vision of the founders to provide children with various learning disorders the opportunity to be educated in a setting where they could achieve their maximum potential both physically and academically.

Nicholas School serves children with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Tourette's, Down's Syndrome, and other effects of brain injury

so that could be a good place for him if it works out...and the county MAY help pay or pay for the entire thing...not sure. The lady will come out next week to discuss all the possible options available for Noah and help get them set up.

So....things are moving along. It does appear he is able to get a lot MORE help than he ever could in Colorado. Not exactly sure WHY that is...perhaps too because I am by myself now...and only working part-time so income wise we are more eligible now.

Anyway..I will keep everyone posted

check out the school and all it offers here:


kyra said...

that all sounds very promising! keep us posted. i am keeping you and noah in my thoughts!

jakruczek said...

I've run across a testimonial of a mom with an autistic son in which I thought you and others may be interested.

Here's the link:
Autism Help