Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Dear Noah:

Well you have been doing FANTASTIC with potty training. You are now peeing and pooping in the potty ALL the time and do it all by yourself. We will have to work with wiping after bowel movements but you do all the other stuff yourself including wiping yourself after peeing. YOU ARE AMAZING and as usual....you were late in doing this but seemed to master it overnight!! We are so happy and you are going around telling everyone you are 6 YEARS old and a BIG BOY now.

Today we had to take my truck to get a nail out of the tire and the tire patched. I guess we ran over one at the construction sites somewhere looking at new homes? Your guess would be as good as ours right now.

Your little personality is really growing and changing. We are becoming such a wonderful helpful little boy!!! We love you so much!

Mommy and Daddy

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