Friday, June 04, 2004

Dear Noah: I had the last straw. I decided to work with you on potty training FULL TIME! I do NOT want to get mad at you and yell at you or scare you. I grew up being afraid of my dad most of the time and sometimes even my mom...and I do NOT want you to have to live like that. are 5 1/2 years old and will start Kindergarten this fall. HIGH time to toss away the excuses and get you to finish potty training. I hate being so TOUGH on you but so far today has gone pretty well. I have told you NO computer games till you poop in the potty today. I also told you no more eating out.....or going swimming till you poop in the potty. You have peed in the potty several times today as I told you this morning to say goodbye to your pull ups!!! I guess I have had my limit. I never dreamed I would have a 5 1/2 year old and still have them in pull ups and using wipes..etc...unless of course something was wrong with them. I don't think there is any reason why you cannot learn to potty. I think you are just stubborn mostly and do not want to do it. As long as you wear pull ups you will not even pee in the potty. SO...around the house no more pull ups. IF we go somewhere and you are still training...we may put you in a pull up. HOWEVER..back into regular underwear at home and continuing to work on it!! I know you have had problems in the past with different things in your short life. I also know you have a hard time staying focused sometimes on things which could be preventing you from being successfully potty trained. I think there COULD be many reasons...but it is time to BUCK UP as they say and really get serious about it and at least keep trying to succeed! So...I do pray and hope you will accomplish this soon and gain confidence to do things yourself. You are dressing yourself now and doing more things all the time by yourself. I love you dearly but am also trying to teach you to do some things on your own...which will only help you be more able to take care of yourself in the future someday!



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