Saturday, July 03, 2004

Dear Noah: know how to WORK it that is for sure! You kept asking me the other night for pizza for supper. I said I had no extra money for pizza. You went to your bank and brought me back 2 pennies...and said "here mommy"...."I have some money". I felt so bad. I asked you if you thought 2 pennies could buy you some pizza. You said "well I have some cash too" and went BACK to your bank and pulled out a 5 dollar bill. I got to laughing. I ended up ordering your pizza for you! You always use your own money to give the drivers a tip. They all seem to love coming up here to see you when they bring a pizza. It is pretty bad when you have your Driver's License memorized to put on your checks (as mommy does) because of the amount of pizzas you apparently order!!

Today you talked about going to school. You are so excited. You cannot wait to go in UNDERWEAR you said.

I love you forever!


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