Saturday, May 29, 2004

Dear Noah:

You are such a joy to me and your daddy. Today it was storming off and on. I am so glad you enjoy the rain and storms as much as I do. We LOVE to be out on the balcony squealing in delight as it thunders and we see lightening and then count to see how far away the storms are. When the rain began spraying on us and was so cold we ran inside and sat by your bedroom windown and looked out. We opened the window off and on to "feel the cool breeze on our face" and to "smell the rain". I LOVE to smell the rain and we don't get to do so very often here in Colorado as we normally don't have much rain. You seemed to enjoy this as much as me. We would wait for a nice breeze, close our eyes and sniff the air. It was wonderful. We would then laugh and giggle and kiss each other and do it all over again.

Your daddy thought you were funny today. He was going to place "albums" on our turntable and you said "Daddy....let's play the BIG DVDs". That is funny. I guess you think the albums look like DVDs and in fact they do don't they?

Momma squirrel came up to eat some nuts and drink water today. She is nursing and must have babies in a next somewhere. The birds are enjoying the water today too and the bread I tossed out to them.

Grandma Lincoln just called. Said they have had a lot of rain there. We were talking about age and getting older. Your grandpa Lincoln will turn 70 this October 25. SO hard to believe. Your daddy will be 50 next week. That is also so hard to believe. Time truly stands still for no one I guess.

You have just finished jumping up and down on mommy and daddy's bed...something we tell you you really should NOT do. But you enjoy doing it anyway and giggle and laugh the entire time. You said you were pretending to have WINGS so you could FLY LIKE A BUTTERFLY. I told you to quit flying before you flew into our ceiling fan directly over our bed.

Time to go......I have things to get done around the house. I love you dearly.


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