Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Dear Noah.....I can tell by the reduced postings that things are going better here!

School wise I mean ..for sure. The stress level and drama we had with you attending a public school is just not present in our lives anymore. There is still some pressure feelings sometimes when it seems we have a lot of required things to accomplish...but we plug along and get it done. I still sometimes wonder and wish I just homeschooled you by myself straight out like I did in Colorado...picking what I wanted to teach you in the way I WANTED to do it....and not via any online virtual school..and sometimes when we are pressured to get work done I am tempted to try it all that way again...but online school is also good and has many benefits as well as making sure you are taught what you need to learn according to the state's standards. BUT then I have to wonder WHO really determines what you should learn and why...and by doing all these required things I am sometimes not left with enough time on my own to teach you things I WANT you to learn. So I have to come up with a better schedule or something...maybe incorporating both into the day or some on weekends or some solution.

But as far as the daily drama of life in school I do not miss that. You are much happier and less stressed. I am less stressed. I heard some kids about your age in the public library on Monday and they were back in the kid section that is set up for kids to meet in and play games and read, etc...and they were talking so inappropriately. All had come over from school...talking OUT LOUD about being HORNY and "go sit in the corner to get raped" and all this other stuff. I am so THANKFUL you are not being exposed to that crap on a daily basis and to be honest I thought someone in the library should have told those kids to tone it down a bit.

Wow....maybe I am an old fuddy duddy but I don't care. Right is right and appropriate is appropriate and that was not it.

MY SURGERY has been put on hold...I am hoping I won't need it.....time will tell...but I want to go through all options before having a surgery I may not need.

We had a good Thanksgiving....and here it is time to get ready for Christmas already! We will finish decorating the tree this weekend.

Today Opie got stuck under your bed again...he crawled up into the outer cover of the boxspring mattress..there he was stuck in the material but not in any big hurry to get back out once I lifted the mattress up. We have since blocked all areas he could get under your bed again.

Snowing here today...very chilly outside...and very much looking more like winter!

I love you lots.....really the moon and back again Noah..forever.

OH...almost forgot. You have been designing your apartment and houses....I will have to post pics later. You designed a very nice small 1 bedroom place above a 3 car garage you said you could live in...and then designed a slightly larger place....over a 4 car garage. You seem to want to live above a garage one day....and not one necessarily attached to any house I own!

Then you designed a home.....and it is very nice too. I am very amazed when I see all you can do designing homes and making floor plans. I suggested you make a book about this! You said you had not even thought about that before.

So ...I say SO a lot don't I?




Casdok said...

Realy good to hear Noah is so so well :)

Patty said...

Next time you are in the library and hear kids doing this, I would just quietly walk up to the desk and tell the lady/man working there. I'm sure they don't want that to go on.

Also happy stress is less for both of you. Love you both, Mom/Grandma