Monday, December 06, 2010

Dear Noah....HUGE are now 100% officially toilet trained....

and right before you turn 12 years old. I never thought in a million years it would take this long to get you to this point and to be honest I was starting to wonder if you would ever completely be able to do all your wiping yourself anywhere outside of home. Here at home you are and have been 100% toilet trained since age 9 years. BUT anywhere outside or away from home you still needed my help from time to time. Well..I started working with you the last month on this and telling could do it....and how...and you needed to try because you did not want to go into being a teenager and still having your MOM come into the bathroom to help you wipe up!

I am so PROUD of you and happy because the other day at grandma C's house you came running on the way to the bathroom..asked for the wipes we brought...and ran to the bathroom all by yourself and DID EVERYTHING IN THERE ALL BY YOURSELF!!!!!!!!! No calling for me to come help you...nothing. YOU DID IT. FINALLY! I KNOW you had to be happy and proud too. I praised you up and down....and I just am amazed..once your own finally do something all on your own.

So for all those other parents out there who think their autistic child will never be able to handle all toileting on their own...don't give up hope. IT can be your best with them.....they may just one day surprise you. AND some may need help forever...but I still alwys kept hope in Noah...and I am thankful he finally is able to do this all on his own!

YIPPEEE for you Noah. I love you and am so very proud of you....something everyone else probably takes for granted or has had their kids accomplish at 2 or 3 years of too now have finally succeeded!

ALL MY LOVE always!


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Patty said...

Dear Noah, I'm just now getting around to reading some blogs.

CONGRATULATIONS, WAY TO GO. I knew you could do it. That should make both you and Mommy feel great.

Now you will have to learn, that you can get clean enough with toilet paper until you get home to use the wipes, just in case you are ever out someplace without them. YOU CAN DO IT, YEAH!!!!

Love you to the moon and back.