Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear and I had a great weekend!

You had cousin Audrey come spend the night Saturday. We ended up going to see Shrek and Iron Man 2 at the Drive In. I treated you and Audrey to spending the night in a motel. To be honest if it were your choice...that probably would have been all you wanted to do. You cried about leaving the hotel...cried the next day wanting to go back to the hotel....that was all I heard over and over till last night.

BUT we had a great time. You and Audrey played at a couple of McDonald's play it seemed that was all you both wanted to eat. YUCKO for me and my taste.

Otherwise....we are moving into your last week of school already! HARD to believe! We have worked really hard to wrap things up for the end of the year but I do have a few things planned for us to continue to work on through the summer to keep things fresh in your mind.

This should be a good you lots my little young man!


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Patty said...

Adurey said the beds were really nice. Glad you all had such a nice time.