Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dear Noah.....Busy busy days of May!

Wow I seem to be forgetting to log into Blogger these days and make updates to this diary. I apologize. We have been so busy! The school year is rapidly winding down and I am trying to get all your loose ends tied up so we will only have 1 main subject to play catch up on over the summer along with me continuing to work with you on handwriting skills and typing skills and some other things I have planned. AND continued field trips. I plan to make this next year for you one of the better ones with school and I hope and pray it goes well for you.

We made it to the state mandated testing and the site was the best one we have been to yet. We will definitely choose that again in future years! You think you did pretty well...saying you felt you did an A or B or 85 to 95% on each subject tested on. I won't know the scores until probably right before school is out or shortly thereafter.

We had a cookout for Mother's Day and invited all the moms and grandmas over along with your aunties and cousins and uncles. You really had a great time! You were a big ham and liked to pose for anyone wanting to take your picture! It was that day I realized how much you are growing up!

Later that same night we decided to go to the drive in. Iron Man 2 and How To Train Your Dragon were playing. We both really enjoyed the movies and it was then I realized you understand so much more about even hidden innuendos and meanings in some of the things people say like in the movies. You laughed a LOT during both movies and found many APPROPRIATE things funny that were yes...meant to be funny! It dawned on me then that you are finally GETTING it in many areas of life where you had a struggle before! This was a HUGE moment for me. I also really enjoy being in your company and doing things with you. I love going places with you and enjoy all the things we talk about. I can only hope and pray you never grow tired of me! I know sometimes you lose patience with me already.

I read a story to you by Steven Hawking on time travel that you found fascinating. You still want to build a time machine.

Summer is almost here and we are thinking about putting up a bigger pool this year. It may be silly cause I don't think you used the one we had last year all that much. BUT I am thinking about it. I may save the money though and use it instead for something else.

We BOUGHT the house we have been living in for the last 4 years. The landlord gave us a great deal on a land contract. So we are planning on making a few changes around here over time. You are very excited about Opie being allowed to be in the house now.

Anyway...I need to get off here. Lots to do. It is Sunday and I am sure we will want to do a lot before the day is over.



P.S. The Mother's Day card you gave me that you picked out yourself made me cry it was so nice and then even nicer to read the personalized message you put at the bottom about how you really do love me. That made my year. SMOOCHES!


Patty said...

Happy new home owner.

kristi said...

Hope you and Noah have a great summer. We plan to!!