Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dear Noah.......a surprise sleep over.....Brumbaugh's Fruit Farm....and Foy's Halloween Store!

We have been pretty busy again! Sunday we decided to go pick up cousin Audrey and head over to Brumbaugh's Fruit Farm for some fall fun! We all had a great time.....I took many photos and videos.....

Audrey then decided at the last minute that she WOULD spend the night. You were so happy and excited! We hit up Burger King for supper and their play area. Back to our house for fun. The next day we ended up at Foy's Halloween Store and did some other things.

All was well until after we had taken Audrey home...and we finally got back home. I heard something and found you crying quietly by yourself in your bedroom. You were already really missing Audrey and said you wished she could live with us forever! You were so sad and really really missing her. You then wanted to talk to your dad but he had a birthday dinner to go to....but he did talk with you by phone for a bit and put on your half sisters to talk with you too. SO that helped you some.

I let you cry it out for a while in with me on my bed.

I have to say you have been doing so much better in get togethers and things like that. A little boy fell off the zipline at the fruit farm and you even yelled over asking him if he was alright. Something you never would have thought about doing before let alone actually do it.

You are hoping your dad will get to come in now for a visit in between Christmas and New Years. We have even told him he could stay here if he wanted to in order to cut costs for the hotel room and rental car. That was your idea...telling me he then would only have to come up with the money for the plane ticket. I thought that was pretty sweet actually considering you really enjoy staying in hotel rooms with your dad instead when he comes in for a visit.

Anyway.......we have been busy. You are plugging along...

and as usual....I love you still.


Here is a clip of you and Audrey coming down the slide!


Patty said...

Yes, you and Audrey had a busy Sunday and Monday. I think she is still worn out.

I hope your Daddy comes in to visit you. That's very nice that you are offering for him to stay with you at your house.

Love you to the moon and back.

Betsy said...

He sure has a great time with Audrey...cute pictures!

kristi said...

Nice pics. Noah is growing!!