Monday, July 03, 2006


Wow..I cannot believe July is already here! As I sit here sipping my pecan torte coffee....I wonder where has the first half of the year gone?? Seems like only yesterday I was still in snow in Colorado! (hey that rhymed).

The day started out with Mr. Bunny making his daily appearance. In fact we have TWO bunnies that come around and are fearless......we can be outside and they come very close....I think they know they are safe in my yard. Here is a pic of one yesterday morning...he loves to come up and eat all the goodies in my grass

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Anyway.......I had been asking (and hoping) for some deals to come my way and they did! I got myself a CORDLESS electric COOL! I decided since it looked like it might rain and Monday looked questionable I better test it out last night. SO I mowed our yard for the first time and it was so much fun!!!! I wanted to get an environmentally friendly mower if I could this time round.....but was hesitant because of the CORDS! I then discovered via tony CORDLESS mowers. I decided to find one and order it and give it a try. ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW! I am so thankful I did. NOW I know they only produce about 1/10th the SOUND of a regular mower....but still once I put the key in and turned the buttons on and pulled the lever back to start it (SO SIMPLE a child could do it..NO HARD PULLING of any cords or anything)....the mower started and it sounded like a big FAN! I got to was so quiet! Noah loved it. Noah was NOT afraid of it and came out with his play mower and pretended to mow every other row around me. We had fun. The battery stayed charged for almost my entire front, back and side yards. I played around too long in the back I had to recharge for a few minutes to finish the last 4 rows out front. I would give them a two thumbs up!! I got a BULLY......looks like this....but there are many on the market.
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Then I figured with the summer sale season coming to an end and stores closing out on their patio furniture..perhaps I would be able to get some if I got some at a good price. I DID. I got a 6 piece set....4 chairs, glass-top square table and umbrella for 50.00! I was stunned!

I got Noah a pool for 16.00.....nice size...he tested that out yesterday too and had a blast!

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I also found a new laundry hamper on sale.....(yes it does not take anything extreme to make me deliriously happy)

and then I found Route 66 jeans for 5.00 a pair!!!!!!! They unfortunately were NOT boot-cut which I prefer...but for 5.00 they are good enough to do things around the house in..etc.

AND I got 10 boxes of YOOHOO chocolate milk. Well I thought it was chocolate milk..for 2.00. I get home and it is COOKIES & CREAM!!!! WOW...i chilled them up immediately and once they were cold enough for me to try out....YUM YUM YUMMY!!! It is BETTER than the plain chocolate!!!! Tastes like melted down cookies & cream ice cream!!! MMMMMMMMMMM...a nice treat for me to have occasionally so I will be going back and getting more to stock up on them while they last!
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SO to top off the day we decided to see the local fireworks show. We drove to the fairgrounds and I kept driving back ...decided about halfway into the fairgrounds I did not want to keep going for fear I would find no place to park or have a harder time getting back out. I saw some spots open right in front of the horse barn/stalls....decided "why not park there?" It was also across from the bathroom...and pop machine. AND we could sit in the truck with the back open and see the show. I WAS SO THANKFUL I was correct in my thinking. We had the BEST seats....enjoying the show from the comfort of our truck and no one around was great!
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The show was very good for a smaller town......and right toward the finale it started to really all those poor people who had parked their cars and then walked down to be closer had to come back and get in their cars before they could even leave. At the finale I loaded up myself in the driver's seat....and right when the last firecracker went off......we started it up and left. I was 4 cars from getting out the front took maybe 5 minutes MAX to leave. I was thrilled. THEN on the way home it poured and we had some the time we got home all was dry again.

So we actually had a great day. It was productive and I got some great buys....Noah had fun in the pool and me outside with him or mowing or just sitting under the new umbrella on the new patio furniture. What a first set! AND then some wonderful fireworks at the end. Did I get things done I had planned to do for that day? No....but I did many things much more spending quality time with Noah and having fun together...enjoying the sunshine.....the birds chirping outside.......the wind in our hair......iced tea and ice water under the umbrella-topped table......laying down and looking up at the clouds rolling by and naming different shapes within them....mowing together and fireworks. I also got to release a bunch of negative crap back out to sweet Mother Nature so she could magically turn it back into good energy again. VERY soothing and healing. It always is. Try it sometime. Next time you are feeling overwhelmed or mad or have negative feelings...go outside. SIT on the grass.....release all that crap back into the atmosphere...let it go outside! It is all about energy....what we do with our minds and how we think...the energy we create within ourselves and around us by the ways we think...and what we believe.

I figured the other stuff would be there tomorrow (now today) anyway......

We both slept very well last night! I drank another YOOHOO (almost said Yahoo!)...

we are counting all our blessings as we are truly blessed.....and all is right in our little corner of the world

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K.C.'sMommy said...

Oh what happy times for Mommy and Noah! So glad to hear that you found some good deals! I went to a store called Big Lots here and got a pool for the kiddos and they have been living in the darn thing day in and day out, lol. It was a good deal and a nice size as well.

Have a great holiday you two!