Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dear Noah: just thinking

and wondering how it is possible to work and do all the other things I need to do solely for you. It is very difficult sometimes.....cause being an advocate for you and what you need is also a full-time job. TIME is short and we just never seem to have enough of it. NOT having to worry about money or insurance or how to pay for things and just being able to get up and do what needs to be done or what we would want to do would be nice. BUT that all takes a backseat first to me working...even if only part-time......though I will likely have to do many more hours eventually in order to pay the bills easier.

sigh..................we are still working on getting those top teeth out so the new front teeth can continue coming in and move BACK in your mouth where they should be. I hope I won't have to end up taking you to a dentist to have them pulled!

It has been extremely hot here...and soooooo humid! I am so thankful we have air conditioning and can afford to run it!

We saw grandma Custer Friday night and had a great visit with her. We also had a bad storm while there....really bad! We all even wondered if a tornado was going to be passing through things go so bad.

Otherwise I will keep this short. I need to eat and do some things around here. My brother, your uncle Chris, and his wife flew up from Florida for the weekend and MIGHT stop by today. SO I need to get some things in order which I needed to do anyway. We also need to shower and bathe and go to the store.

I love you my little man......who is growing up soooooo fast!

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