Monday, July 31, 2006

Dear Noah:

hey buddie. has been awhile since I posted anything in here. Things have been so hectic. Life is a whirlwind. We have already been living in the new place now for 2 months just about and I still have to find us some decent furniture at a good price! During times like this I sometimes wish (as I am sure MANY DO) that we had some little angel watching over us to just come in here....decorate the house for us and get it all over with. I have little time to devote to it...and when I am not semi-depressed......I can actually get things done. BUT NOT when I don't have any furniture to put things away. I mean we need some beds......and dressers for our clothes. We need some bookshelves for the living room to put our books on. I need to finish the office/craft/school room so when I start home schooling in another couple of weeks we will have a good place to sit and work on that and do crafts or anything we want!

For some reason since moving here I have little idea of how to decorate or what I want the place to look like. WHERE IS NATE BERKUS when you need him anyway? Well I could probably NOT handle that anyway as I would be bawling too much the UGLY cry as Oprah says.

The filing of the divorce is on Wednesday. I KNOW I am doing the right thing and I am sure it is natural to be filled suddenly with the questions all over again "am I doing the right thing?" Sure the money situation was easier with daddy in the picture all the time....and even though he did not always GET you and help out with you......the fact that he COULD have was helpful. BUT...I DO press on as I KNOW I am making the right choice. SO...filing is Wednesday...hearing sometime in September I hope...and that part of this episode in my life will be over.

So weird. Time is flying by. I look back at my life and the different points in it. Just in the past 6-8 months alone I have done many of the MAJOR stressors in ones lifetime. I am thankful I have been able to keep things together as much as I have been able to.

SO anyway.......we need to get some furniture. I need to get this house into a home....and YOUR room together.

You are making progress with wiping your own butt which is great. FINALLY after this long it looks like it won't be much longer and you will be doing it all by yourself! YEAH!!!!!!!

Well...I am a bit down in the dumps today. Have NO idea why. Life is good....I love you......



LynAnne said...

Glad to hear you are still hanging in there doing well!

I've found that it was so much easier to get my son to wipe his bottom when we started using flushable toddler wipes. We bought the generic WallyMart ones but I've heard of people cutting baby wipes in half. My son has major sensory issues so he did much better with soft moist wipes instead of toilet paper

Melinda said...

OH YES..that is the ONLY thing he uses or will use....and he does much better with that!