Thursday, May 27, 2004

Dear Noah

I came home today and you came running out of your bedroom to wrap your arms around me and give me the biggest hug! I hope you are always that happy to see me walk in the door!!! I think we will go look at some more new houses today. We are outgrowing our space here in the condo and it is time to get a bigger place soon. You LOVE to go house hunting!! You also love to go to Home Depot and Lowes!! ANYTHING home improvement (including shows on tv) and ANYTHING to do with TOILETS you LOVE! You have watched the TOP 10 BATHROOM show on the Travel Channel MANY MANY TIMES!! Not sure where that interest is coming from but we are thankful as we are interested in the same things so we can do so much as a family together and have a great time! I have a coffee cake in the oven now and need to get some more work done.

I love you so much!!


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