Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dear Noah....you will be starting your sophomore year soon!

AND it is so hard to believe. Seems like only  yesterday you were sitting on the swing with grandpa L. and your cousin Audrey.

This December you will become 16 years old.

I guess your mama better get it together and quick! You are actually able to start driving with a learner's permit now...but have decided you would rather wait until you are at least 16  years old. I think that is a good idea lol.

I love you my little man..who is slowly yet quickly transforming into a young adult.



Patty said...

Hard to believe he'll be old enough to drive. Time does go quickly. Enjoy them as long as possible, children grow up so fast. Love you both.

Melinda said...

yes..he is old enough now he can drive..but he wants to wait till he is at least 16 he said...I don't mind that! NOT sure if we can afford any increase in insurance anyway, which I am sure there will be since he is a young, male driver!