Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dear are growing up so quickly....

wow..Noah is not yet 15 years old and already thinking "adult thoughts" he said...which means for him "he said"....learning to do his driving lessons...MOVING OUT on his own....He told me this on a drive home last night. He has mentioned it before to me...and I am actually teaching him all these life skills and more at home this year in he will be very prepared...but then he said he thought maybe he would move to Missouri! When I asked him WHY he said it was "halfway between his mom and dad"....He has talked often about moving to different states and living near their capitals.

It is my job to get  him ready to be out in the world one day....and we have much to do to get him to that point, probably more than with another young adult who did not have some of his other issues....and while he is very much looking forward to that day....I am just thankful I have a few more years to get used to the idea and hopefully adjusted to a life without him physically in it every day since he was born that is how my life has been. I adjusted my life to be home with him full time to work with him and his autism and sensory integration issues and generalized anxiety issues and speech delay and physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and then eventually homeschooling. Hard to imagine the day when he will finally be ready to be on his own let alone grasp that idea...and while some parents look forward to that day or push their kids out maybe even before they are ready...I enjoy all my time with Noah and imagine I will feel more than lost without him here all the time as he has always been. SO...besides working with him to  prepare him for his future life on his own...I will have to work with myself to prepare myself for my future life on my own. 

I love you Noah ...probably so much more than you are likely to ever really know or understand.


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