Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dear Noah....your Christmas surprise and 14th birthday were very fortunate to have Secret Santas make your wish of a laptop come true for you this Christmas. I think that has been the biggest highlight for you...and you got some nice gifts and many gift cards to Pizza Hut...and a Mastercard...and lots of extra cash for your birthday, which you want to open a bank account and put in the bank. All in all we were very blessed this Christmas.  We were surprised on Christmas Eve by other secret santas delivering presents and a huge rubber tote filled with foods and goodies and gift cards. I was fortunate to also receive gift cards to Krogers...we have been truly blessed and provided for this year. I am so thankful and thankful for you too Noah. I love you...very much...Mom XOXOXOX

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Patty said...

Yes, sounds like you both had a few surprises. Melissa's potato soup she made for supper turned out great. Very filling. More later, take care and mom, keep you self greased with Vicks. Hope Noah doesn't get it. Love you both.