Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Dear Noah....teeth cleaning and train trip...

Well...still plugging along in school. I cannot believe it is March already! In January you got your teeth cleaned. You have made such is easier for you to handle the cleanings and now you don't mind letting them use the suction tube to suction water out of your mouth. Before you would really break down and cry whenever they even mentioned using it and they had to wipe your mouth out instead with gauze pads. Now you LOVE IT....and thus progress. This has taken about 4 years.

We are talking about taking a train trip. You really want to go back to Colorado for a visit and to see your dad and all the places we used to see on a regular basis when we lived there...and do some fun things. We talked about maybe going by train. You are so excited and want to go NOW...but I would rather wait for a bit. SO I am not sure yet when we might get this all much to plan and plan for....things to take care of..but it looks like we will plan some vacation time this year.

Not much else is new news here....You have made progress...I decided I am not doing you any favors by still washing you off and cutting your meat...things like that. I know you have a hard time doing those things because you do not have much strength in your hands still and you are not that also will not get more strength or coordination if I do everything for you. I am proud of you...You are now able to wash yourself off...and cut meat with a sharp steak knife! You are learning but able to do it! I think this will just build confidence in you...and you will be able to do more and more all the time with no help from me! You wanted to wait for some reason until you were like 15. I tried to tell would not want some girl for example to think your mom was still helping you cut your meat with a knife...or pancakes...or washing you off..etc. I asked you if you wanted to be able to be on your own one day and do all these things yourself..and you said you I said you just have to start learning and that your learn by DOING... That is how we all gain skills..just by doing...trying...and continuing to practice until it becomes something we can do easily. So I have decided to continue on teaching you skills....even cooking and doing laundry and keeping a checkbook..but more motor skills too....more physical exercise and activities...that would do us both good. More discipline and trying new things....You will help do chores around the house....learning skills you will one day be able to use on your own if you want to move out on your own. You still need to master tying shoes...and fastening buttons or do pretty well with snaps but have not mastered buttons. AND writing. I have decided to have you practicing that again even if you have not masterd will do you well to continue to try.

So anyway....we are is good...and you are growing up so fast. Holy cow...check out your mustache getting darker on your upper lip all the time!

We have had discussions lately about heaven..and what it is or may be like....and you wondered if I will always be able to look at you when you are an adult (not from heaven but here right now) and see the tiny toddler version of you. I said yes..I think most moms will always be able to look at their adult children and yet still be able to see their little boy or little girl. I can still see you when you were like 2 or 3 or 5 or all depends on what you are doing at the time.

Where have 12 years gone already...

I love you...forever ...and always I will.



kristi said...

Great job, Noah!

Patty said...

Hey there Noah, so nice to hear you doing these things for yourself. Makes it easier on your Mom and that's also how you learn new things. Might be a little awkward at first, but gets easier each time you do it. Proud of you, keep up the good work. See you Sunday, Love you Grandma.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are doing a lot for yourself now, Noah.

Your grandma gave me a piece called "12 1/2 Writing Rules you'll Need." I read the list and thought it is a good idea.

Grandpa writes down everything that happens each day. I write things down like if it is raining or not and what the temperature is outside when I get up. I have been doing this for many years. I used a spiral bound student notebook and have many. You might want me to show you one on the year and day you were born. I hope I can find it and show you what I wrote down that day.

I hope you and your mommy have a great day and you take some time to just watch it raining.