Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear Noah....I found us some new Ohio State jackets at our Goodwill...

they are like brand new.....and I was happy to find them and of course the price was super too! School is going...we continue to plug along. You will actually be done with your year pretty soon...much sooner than other students....your state testing comes up in I want to prepare you for that. Guess we will have some time then. is snowing if you can believe it. We are almost into hard to believe. You are getting more hairs on your body all the time. Won't be long and I imagine you will be taller than me! Where does the time go? I hope I can prepare you to be on your own one day...and send you down the right path. I love you Noah..more than you could possibly know.


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Beth Niquette said...

Just WAIT until he's over six feet happens over night. At least it seemed that way with my own sweet son.

It is SNOWING? (sigh) It is not snowing here. Ah, well--I guess I'm ready for spring--only I wish it would be sunshine instead of this gray gray raining.

Even for Oregon, this has been a sopping wet spring so far!