Friday, June 03, 2011

Dear Noah.....saving your words...

You have been really emotional lately..not wanting to go anywhere....just holing up in your bedroom...your sanctuary....watching videos on your computer or reading online comics....drawing comics in PAINT on your computer....

Last night when you went to bed we got to talking. You started have been crying at the drop of a hat this week. started to tell me you had a NEW SONIC character you had come up with to make a new movie but you were having trouble DRAWING her in PAINT on your computer. You have drawn characters before and I have always thought you did a good job considering you only have a mouse to use with your Paint program. That is hard to draw anything using a mouse. wanted to draw this girl character....but you could only do the front. You said you could not do the sides..and you became so frustrated in the finally gave up. You let me know that your art program this year in school did not show you how to do such things or show you how to SHADE characters you did draw.

I told you had never told me these things before...and I asked you why you never tell me things? I mean I will never know what is bothering you or what you might need unless you tell me. You said you were kind of following what you heard the average man does....only speaking about 2000 to 4000 words per day.

I about busted a gut on that one. I asked you, "WHAT???" and you proceeded to explain to me how you had read somewhere back in 2008 online that a man usually only speaks about 2000 to 4000 words per day and you were apparently trying to make sure to only do that...or thought you had to do that in order to be a man?

I told you most women yes speak MANY more words than you guys ever would..BUT..we also would LOVE it if you guys would open up your mouths more and let us know more about what you are thinking and how you are feeling and that in the future your future girlfriend would appreciate that from you too.

So I informed do come from a family of artists and creative people and if you wanted to learn to draw better it should be easy to do...and I could help teach you over the summer how to draw your comic characters better or even your grandpa or uncle...etc. We have many artists in the family and some taught art.

You are going to show me your special character tonight and we are going to start working on drawing her.

Saving your words.....what will you tell me next?

I love you....wordless or not.


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Patty said...

How precious is that, saving his words. Yes Noah, bring a pad and pencils the next time and ask Grandpa to show you some hints and tips. That would tickle him. Becky also draws, and your Mom draws and we know Uncle Chris can draw but he's in Fl. Not sure how well Angela or Melissa can draw, they can do beautiful needlepoint and scrap booking. Love you