Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Noah.....a stormy, windy night

Well you and I both love storms...and you always talk about tornadoes and wanting to be a storm chaser....but you really only like to look at these from a distance I found out early this morning/late last night. I stayed up till almost 2:00 a.m. and let you as well because the weather conditions in our area was pretty weird and tornado watches and some warnings were out...and I wanted to make sure I was awake if we needed to take cover...etc. I do admit I dozed off and on while watching the onslaught of forecasts....but...finally when the watches and warnings had been lifted I went to bed. So did you. I woke up about 2:40 to find you standing at my bedroom window looking out and crying. I asked you what was wrong. You said you were really scared...afraid of the winds...afraid we were going to have a tornado. I told you the warnings and watches had been was only the wind...and we had a wind advisory till 7:00 a.m. You still cried. I asked you how long you had been up...and you said about 20 minutes. You apparently had gone out in the living room and turned on the weather channel...and then came back into my bedroom and stood looking out at the clouds in the dark. Afraid we would have a tornado in the dark.

I let you get into my bed. You were actually shaking you were so scared. I have never seen you like this before. You cried...I told you everything was fine. You were afraid the wind was going to break your bedroom windows and suck everything out of your room. I told you I thought you always liked tornadoes and wanted to be a storm chaser..but you finally admitted you liked looking at those from a distance...not being IN one...

I got my phone and we got online and looked at the weather forecast. It said what I had said....that we had a wind advisory and flash flood watch. You felt better after seeing that..and were ready to drift off to sleep. This was almost 3:00 a.m. My phone tone went off 1-1/2 hours later for me to get up for work.

I love you Noah. You still have not learned to wake someone up when you are in need of something. I wish you would have woke me up sooner and let me know you were that upset. I love you very much! Right now we have tons more rain and some hail. We are enjoying this storm together.

Love you,



Patty said...

Bless your little heart. Yes, gently wake Mommy up and tell her when something scares you. That's what Mommy's are for. This is the first I've been around to anyone's blogs for quite a while. I don't know where my days seem to go, but they sure do. It's time to fix breakfast now and then i would like to mow this morning before i take a bath, then start some laundry. Thank goodness for an automatic washer and not that old wringer I was using till 1981. Love you

kristi said...

TC hates storms late at night. They can be a bit scary!