Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear Tupperware snack containers.....

We ran some errands on Monday...and I had taken a small old-style Tupperware snack container with us with a few M&Ms in it for you to snack on until we picked up something for you to eat for lunch. AFTER we ordered the food at the drive-thru at Chik-Fil-A I had tucked that empty container into one of the snacks that held the food. I never usually do that and told myself while doing it I would have to remember to REMOVE the item before we tossed the sacks into the trash.

You had been playing with the empty container sticking it onto your elbow and making a sucking sound...and later on that day (long after we were on our way home and the trash was in the trash can back at a Walmart many miles away) suddenly asked where that container was. It was THEN I realized I had probably accidentally tossed it. You cried and got so sad about this. I have to admit I am the same way when accidentally tossing anything...and if it had not been that far away yes I would have turned around and retrieved an item that belonged to I am just weird like that and want our things belonging to us to be with us and not in the trash. Gee I have probably spread my weirdness onto you in some small ways.

Anyway...I reminded you we have FOUR of those snack containers but the remaining THREE for some reason did not seem to be enough for were suddenly worried you may never have them again and wanted to find out if we could get more. When you find something you tend to want to stock up or get MANY of that same item so you will always have it. Holy cow you do get that from me!

SO once home I did manage to get online at Tupperware's website and found they DO still sell those snack containers and I ordered another set of 4....this time with all yellow lids...but no matter you felt reassured you would again have ENOUGH no matter what. End of story except those little containers were almost 20.00 by the time I added on shipping and tax! It would probably have been cheaper to turn the car around and go back and fetch the one from the trash!

So...all is well in your world again...and I am thankful....

I love will be starting full time for you soon. We have already been working on finishing up American History. I went into your room looking for something and you really are to the point where you do not want me messing with anything on your desk...which looks messy to me and filled but you have apparently in some semblance of order in your head and you don't want it messed with. I reminded you once we clean your room and reorganize will be likely your desk top will be cleaned off....(I am sure only to be covered again one day by the masses of little happy meal toys and cars and such you seem to collect all the time and stack up all around you). BUT this greatly upset just even touching those items really bothered you. YOU did not want anything disturbed or followed me around putting everything back just like it had been. Yeah.....rearranging your room will be interesting.

The neighbors have been moving stuff into a truck and coming and going all day. You came out crying worried they were moving and you might not ever get to see Emma and Brianna ever again....I have no idea yet what exactly is going on....hopefully they will be staying though and all will be well.

All my love forever,



Tammy said...

OMG. I thought my son was the only one that has to have multiples of the same item. He falls in love with something, and everytime we go to the store, he wants more of the item.

Patty said...

You mean the girls have moved back, or just visit the ones that live there now?