Monday, June 21, 2010

Dear Noah.......summertime.......

What can I say? We have been busy....I am reorganizing the house....getting ready to paint soon. You are spending lots of time on the computer and we have been taking trips. You are wanting to go swimming but so far it has been a super muggy and stormy start to summer!

This past weekend we had a Father's Day celebration along with your aunt's birthday celebration combined....we had a great visit and enjoyed the visit. Today we saw grandma C...also enjoyed that visit.

We are finishing up some American History in school....and I cannot believe July is almost here already!

Not much else to report for now. I love you!


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Patty said...

Summer time and the living is easy. Well it might be in the song, but in real life, it's work, work, work, busy, busy, busy. I know you're helping Mom by keeping out of her way while she's working. Love you sweetie,.