Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Dear Noah......Halloween......

Well you went trick or treating twice.....once at a church where they do a local SHINE program and you walk through different booths and displays they have set up at the same time learning something from the Bible. AND then they tie in a full-sized treat/candy bar with the story they told. For example, when they told about Noah's Ark and how people "laughed" or "snickered" at Noah when he was building the ark.....they passed out "Snickers" candy bars.

Then we went around trick or treating with your cousin Audrey and aunties.....I dressed up like the creepy BURGER KING......he is soooo creepy isn't he? I just went as him as a BUCKEYE FAN since we won the game Saturday. I stuffed all sorts of stuff under my jacket, around my neck, and in my pockets to beef me up even more than I already am beefed up. YOU went as a Dominos Pizza delivery guy (I fixed you up a jacket and you already had a real Dominos hat)....and cousin Audrey went in a cool poodle skirt....

My pics did not turn out great..but here are a couple. I will have to dress you into the costume again and take better pics with you holding the pizza boxes as if you were delivering them. I made it so the people could fill up your boxes with candy so you carried that instead of a treat bag.

Anyway.......I love you.....we are so ready for Christmas fact...tonight we are again listening to Christmas music!



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Seeking Simplicity said...

Great photos... but the BK guy creeps me out.