Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dear Noah...........2012.........

I happened to be watching some show on television as I flipped the channels the other night on the year 2012 and all the different theories and prophecies regarding that date.

I dozed off on the had come out to get ready for bed and sat down to watch the television with me...but see...I was sort of dozing off and on...but YOU were paying attention to the show. I have seen many shows before regarding 2012 and the doomsday prophecies for that well as some theories saying that year only marks a new beginning of time.

You interpreted it as very scary and as an end-of-the-world storyline. I felt so bad for you. I had asked you if you were watching the show when I roused up a bit and you of course said, "yes." I knew then you would probably be upset....and you were. You looked at me crying and said, "but I don't think I will be able to finish my time machine before 2012!!"

I felt so bad for you and then proceeded to try to reassure you. I told you many people have predicted doomsdays that were never fulfilled and I reminded you of all the year 2000 scares and then I asked you (since we are Christians) what the Bible says about the date of the end of the world? I reminded you that Jesus said NO ONE will know the date...... or the hour.....not Him or even the angels....but only the Father.

This made you feel a lot God's word always does. BUT you are curious about this date.....and are hoping and praying it does not come......or at least not until you can build your time machine. You have done further research online about the year 2012 and some of the theories around December 21, 2012. At least every day you make a comment about how you hope and pray the world does not then found the movie trailer for 2012. I HIGHLY doubt I would ever let you watch that.

Regardless.....we are rapidly moving into the end of THIS year with Thanksgiving a mere 2 weeks away! Christmas will follow soon after that. Time goes by so quickly.

I love you so very much Noah. I really do....forever I will.



Patty said...

It's amazing what they hear and see that causes them to get so upset. But you know, some adults also get very upset over seeing something like this. And I bet if possible, he would have that time machine built and ready. Love you both.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Nigel wants to build a time machine too! Maybe they could combine their efforts!